Horseback Whaling

by Emma Park

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here are are the rejected tracks/b-sides from Backyard Sailing


released May 30, 2017

all these songs were recorded during the Backyard Sailing days.



all rights reserved


Emma Park Salt Lake City, Utah

Emma Park begam as the solo work of Dodson Hallswick.

In June of 2017, Dodson recruited Jared Montgomery (bass/vocals), Fae Thayne(guitar), and Sammy(drums) to fill out live shows.

Emma Park is currently based in Salt Lake City, Utah as of 2017.
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Track Name: A Tempting Tempest and a Bag Full of Fears
you look nice tonight
the city lights fade with the sunrise
your blue eyes captivate mine
and i'm not sure how to feel this time

as i pull the sharp stones from my feet
you laugh at the words i choose to speak
you remind me of who i used to be
as we dance together while you're driving

the dirtiest air in the states has never felt so fresh
in this abnormally cold summer morning

and for the first time in weeks
i sleep peacefully
despite the storm surrounding me
but the evening it comes suddenly
the tempest decides to get back at me

(secret words)

i'm not down
i'm just feeling it out
Track Name: Marty Typhoon's Wholly Snail
these conversations precede these lacerations
my exploitations are filled with accusations

on my way home i am reeling
indecisive and unresponsive
take these words expose them on my
legs aren't working anymore

my constitution fails when i am moving
i cannot contain the force of this hurricane

through the windows back drafts howling
outside the streets begin flooding
grab my life boat and tanks of oxy-
gen escapes my

Track Name: Bludgeon Scorpion (Jefferson Hope)
with heavy heads we lit up cigarettes
i bite my tongue as you spit epithets
passing time is a waste of time
but we stay up late and contemplate our position

my hands shake as i watch your heart break

i've walked a distance in your shoes
isn't that what you wanted me to do?
all i want is happiness for you
but don't you think she deserves it, too?

i hope you know that i'm terrified

if you could only know what i'm thinking
(static in my head creates a mess of words)
you and i still can't hear anything
(every singe night i was a drunkard)
you became the burden i was to you
(another cigarette describes your constant feed of diatribes)
i hold back my tears only 'til you go inside to see what she's decided

is it now we finally cut ties?
is it now say our goodbyes?
all i want is happiness for you
but don't you think i deserve it, too?

do i deserve a chance?
i remain withdrawn
and as you fall apart
i hold you in my arms

"i'm sorry"

i know you hate me and i don't blame you
but we got out of that town
just not in the way we wanted to
and i hope you know i treated her right
just like you asked me to that night

but things are better off this way
you always said everything would be alright
Track Name: 10 More Things You Didn't Know About Honor
we drove south as fast we could
you held your breath most of the way
at this rate we i think we should arrive before it's too late
when we did your family was everywhere around

we all stood in the master bedroom
they said prayers to calm all the children

i could see the life in you leave
when your mother passed next to you
i did my best
i held you to my chest

"focus on my breathing, dear
a part of her is in you, dear
i'll never leave your side, my dear
it's okay to cry, my dear
can you hear my heart, my dear?
it wasn't your fault, my dear"

i know that you cannot hear me anymore

i was honestly not thinking
i lost myself when you needed healing
and i don't blame you
you needed to be set free

i have so much to say
but it's irrelevant anyway
we went our separate ways
so i moved out of state